$ 5 Free Trial Credit to try Flex

Geils is offering $ 5 of Free Trial Credit to try their Flex Service
can call your loved ones anywhere around the world at just 1.9¢/min from your landline and mobile phones.

How to avail $ 5 free trial credit:
• Simply go to the offer page.
• Fill the reregistration form with all the required information asked by them.
• And be sure to enter your active email id and current landline or mobile phone number on which you want Geils Flex service.
• Once service is activated you will get a confirmation email with instruction on how to get started.
• That’s it, after some time you will get your trial credit.
• During any inconvenience you can call Geils Communications at  1-855-402-0000.
• To place a call just dial the Geils access numbers from your authorized number then the number you want to call when prompted.
Flex Plans:
You can add Flex international calling plans to your existing fixed and mobile phones without changing your current carriers. To enjoy Flex Calling services all you need to do is register your phone number with Geils. It will recognize your number whenever you dial Geils’s access number and allow you to call all around the world from your mobile or landline phone at the cheapest possible rate.
Flex : Call USA, Canada and various other international countries at just 1.9 ¢/minute. You will get $5 free trial credit to try the service. No monthly service charges.
Flex Global : Make unlimited free calls to USA, Canada, and more than 50 Global countries. Monthly service charge is $ 19.99/month.
Flex Global+ : Free Calls to every phone throughout the world at just $ 29.99 /month.
VoIP Plans:
Make and receive calls to/from anywhere around the world using your high speed broadband internet connection. You can make Unlimited Free Calls to USA, Hawaii, Canada and various other counties with enhanced sound quality. It will provide free telephone adapter and USA DID number no matter the region where you live. Price may vary depending upon the calling plan you choose. Currently it offers two calling plans, Global VoIP ($19 99/mon) and National VoIP ($9 99/mon).

Access number :  Geils offers more than hundred access numbers in over 50 countries throughout the world.
Landline Plans:
Geils is offering national and international long distance traditional phone service since long time. You can see price and features on it’s official website Geils.com.
Geils.com is a global telecommunications provider of fixed and VoIP Services. It is a multi system operator that offers Local, Long distance, International, Toll-Free Calling Services from a single source. Additionally VoIP on wired broadband and mobile phones. Geils provides services by means of its own IP network, multi-state interconnection and commercial services agreements with RBOCs and CLECs in particular markets and IP network peering acquaintanceship with carriers all over the world. Let’s See Calling Plans of Geils Communication


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