Rebtel Chinese New Year VoIP offer: double money

In the current Chinese new year, there are various promotions and plans that have been kept for the betterment of VoIP users by VoIP providers. Make sure that if you are still not very sure about making best use of this offer than most probably you are losing an opportunity that is coming to you which much of interest. There is something new and exciting that has been in store for you regarding the new Chinese New Year.
The current blog is combining within it an important provider namely Rebtel. There are number of our customers who are already using Rebtel for cheap VoIP calling. The best part is that rate of calling are also very much definite and competitive.

We are not here to discuss behind the question of why it is necessary to use Rebtel but the main intention is to make you understand about Rebtel Chinese New Year.
Chineseny is a new voucher code that has been created by Rebtel in order to provide customers a perfect bonus of 100 % on their first deposit. The validity of this code will be from 22nd, January, 2012 to that of 5th February, 2012.

An offer of double money is being placed by Rebtel in this period. This offer simply means that if at all you are purchasing a credit that is worth of $10 than on that you will get to access credit limit of $20.
It’s the time to celebrate the New Year!!

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